Sunday, November 30, 2014

Kelly Thompson

Kelly Thompson

 Kelly Thompson is a New Zealander currently living in Melbourne city Australia. She is one of New Zealand's most internationally recognised illustrators and creative directors, and has gained a reputation as a popular public speaker, educator and fashion enthusiast. Her talents have found her working for a variety of well known clients and brands around the world, with press naming Thompson NZ's "It" girl - she is one to watch and constantly evolving

In recent years clients have placed much value on the Thompson brand which has lead to ambassadorship roles for the likes of Nintendo who chose Kelly not only for her art, but for her ability to speak publicly and reach a creative audience. This brand value has translated in to work as a creative consultant for businesses and individuals who admire Thompson's direction, taste level and ability to appeal to a broad audience on various levels. She is intelligent, multifaceted and full of ideas.

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