Thursday, November 27, 2014

Melissa Mailer-Yates

Melissa Mailer-Yates 

 14th October 1958
Born in the UK. Indulged in painting since I could lift a pencil. Paintings now sited all over the world, hanging in homes and public venues from royal palaces to celebrity homes, to medical facilities and other fascinating places.

Painting for me is an experience that involves every aspect of the body, every sense and every dream, not just for the artist, but more essentially for the viewer too.
My paintings have to have movement, but the majority of my paintings contain some percentage of entirely representational material, something that people can recognise and hold onto through their journey across the canvass. I love to emphasise the subject's innate beauty and life through abstract movements, which are an extrapolation of the emotions contained within the work. Thus my work often centres on an image of a person or other live subject and the kinetic energy that is inherent within it is expressed through colour, material, lines and light.

I feel we are in a very privileged age when the lessons of history lend us the opportunity to take the Art of painting beyond any of the constraints that have previously existed, those that the great masters had to deal with and rage against. They have provided us with the greatest lessons and it is our duty to make the most of their discoveries.

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