Monday, February 16, 2015

Katrina Jones

Katrina Jones 

Katrina Jones has been loving a few simple things ever since she was a little girl.... making art, animals, nature, fantasy, stories, and family.

She has been drawing and painting as long as she can remember, weaving these simple pleasures into her visual expressions.

She resides in the beautiful ever changing landscape of rural Ohio celebrating life with her two children and their cats, dogs, and horses.

About Katrina Jones

I am a self taught mixed media artist. I create art because it is the source of nourishment for the soul, like eating food is to the body. My work is inspired by love, life, and experiencing life sensually. I describe how nature, natural cycles, and relationships in harmony seem to look, smell, taste, and feel to me through paintings. I am moved by music, poetry, old world European fairy and folk tales, wistful moments that quicken the heart and bring you home, family and love relationships, and all the mysterious beauty that Mother Nature offers. To me there is no space without movement and relationship. From the macrocosm to the microcosm there are intertwining webs of activity. Everything is connected in a kind of soft seamless dance of fleeting interconnectedness and expressing this through art forms is as natural to me as breathing.

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