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Angelica Privalihin

Angelica Privalihin

Angelica Privalihin was born in a small village called Uzlovaja in a Tula region of Russia. She then moved to Siberia with her parents. Everything was new to her, and she used to sit for hours at the window, looking at the street, then quietly drawing and painting what she saw in her diary. She soon found out that people's faces differ when they have different emotions, and her diary began to reflect the many moods of her parents, and other people.

 Angelica attended the Special School for Gifted in Arts for children in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia. She was taught to see the beauty of the world, and to depict it not realistically, but through her own feelings and vision.

 In 1990 Angelica graduated from the Art College in Krasnoyarsk. She taught and worked as an assistant curator at the local art museum. During 1995-2000 she created a course study for elementary schools called Art: the very beginning. The course was published by the State School Board as a monograph, and is used as a base for art studies at the elementary schools in Siberia.

 Angelica's works are in permanent collection of the Museum of the Modern Art of Divnogorsk. Angelica has received multiple awards for her art. She has also received numerous commendations and awards for her input as a teacher of art from The Department of Culture of Krasnoyarsk, and Art & Culture Museum of Krasnoyarsk.

When not with her family Angelica devotes all of her time to painting, participating in exhibitions in both Russia and abroad. Her paintings are in several museums, and in private collections in Russia, Israel, Germany, and China.

 Awards & Diplomas:
2000 - Commendation letter for important contribution to the development of art in Siberia, given by the Artists Union of Russia
2001 - Diploma as a finalist at the juried exhibition 160 years of the SberBank of Russia
2002 - Second place Small Monmartre of Bitola at the juried exhibition in Bitola
2003 - Diploma as a finalist at the juried exhibition Siberian Vernisage
2003 - Diploma as a teacher who taught award winning students at the 11 th Annual International Art Kids Competition "Always Green, Always Blue" in Turin, Poland
2005 - Award as a finalist of the Krasnoyarsk Poster Competition.

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