Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Iryna Yermolova

Iryna Yermolova

About Iryna Yermolova

Painting is a kind of meditation for me, time to be with myself and my thoughts. It helps me analyse certain things and not react as badly as I could. I've learned how to deal with certain negative things through the painting process. When I put a pure new canvas on my easel there is that moment when I feel everything is within my power. The first brush strokes helps me to use my eyes and emotions instead of my mind. The connection between my soul and light, or shape, or composition and colours is more important than actually subjects of my works. At the same time the eroticism of the moment when a woman takes her clothes off, or getting changed, or brushing her hair will always delight and inspire me as an artist. For me the moment is very powerful. It requires expression and feelings, rather than rationalism and planning. The moment is my inspiration. Publications and achievements: Dorset Life Magazine Artists and Illustrators Magazine (January 2014) 1st Prize Winner of the Windsor and Newton Prize for Life Drawing Portrait in 2011. Mall Galleries, London.


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