Friday, September 12, 2014

Marius Markowski

Marius Markowski

 As my name “Marius Markowski” suggests, I have Polish ancestors, was born there in 1976, yet have been raised in a small town in Switzerland. Nowadays, I live alternately in Brazil and Switzerland.
I have always enjoyed creative activities such as drawing and oil painting. My curiosity in this field led me to digital painting, which I have been doing since 2012. As a result, my creations are only available as limited print editions on canvas.

 I get great pleasure in digital painting and I always like experimenting with new styles and different approaches. Maybe because I used to work with oil paint, the attempt to digitally imitate oil paintings is particularly interesting for me. In my artwork, I try to create vivid visual stimuli and have no intention to convey a political, moral or ideological message. I simply enjoy expressions of feelings, moods, ambience and sensual perceptions.

 My artistic effort in digital painting was founded its origin in the oil painting, where I was passionately focusing my energy for several years. One day I had the idea to prepare an image on the computer in order to have more liberty in the development process. I experimented with these new tools and so discovered my enthusiasm for digital painting. The images I had created brought about a lot of excitement and approval, even though a gallery owner said that my pictures would sell better if they were less personal (I was fond of a more intimate perspective of some personalities). Later it became clear that especially that interplay between the personal aspect of a private photo with my personal artistic editing resulted in a special value for my clients.

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