Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Piotr Olech

Piotr Olech 

"My dream is someday to be able to live of my painting, which has become my passion."  Piotr Olech 

 About Piotr Olech
I was born 2/25/58 in Sopot (Poland) on the Baltic Sea. As a child I was always interested in painting and I painted my first oil picture when I was 14. Unfortunately I was not admitted to any school of art so I've learned every thing about painting alone. 1982 I moved to Germany. Painting is my passion and escape from the noisy world. When I paint, I move in my fantasy to the 19th century, my favorite times.
My teachers and my favorite painters are C. Monet, A. Sissley, W. Kossak, J. Brandt, A. Wierusz-Kowalski.


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