Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Svetlana Orinko

Svetlana Orinko

Svetlana Orinko was Ukrainian born and educated. She immigrated to New Zealand in 1992. Her impressive paintings are due to her ability to transform any chosen subject into visual poetic language. Covering an infinite variety of subjects, her sensitive, lyrical and atmospheric paintings have captured people and galleries from around the world.
“I usually work in Representational style using watercolour as my chosen medium. Lately I have begun to work in oils using many abstract forms, which I love. This form of expression is very energetic and often makes me push the envelope a bit further. Sometimes I fail and other times new, unexpected possibilities of expression and technique become available to me. This is the way I can improve, being constantly on the edge, where the process of thinking temporarily stops and spontaneity comes in instead. If I manage to maintain this balance, a work of art is created.
I also make an extra effort to remain constantly open to new possibilities and innovative ways and, if possible, not to remain at the same stage all the times. In this way I give new creative process the opportunity to carry me forward”

 Svetlana has submitted an artwork to our Large Lake Wanaka Exhibition being held 30 August. However it is available for viewing in the gallery now.

North Otago Art Society Merit Award 2009
ILT Second Art Award Southland Art Society 2009
North Otago Art Society Merit Award 2009
Watercolour NZ, Splash 6, People Choice 2009
Artarama, Best Watercolour Painting Award 2009
West Melton Annual Art Exhibition, Second Award 2010
Finalist North Shore City Art Award 2010
NZ Watercolour 2012 Art Award
Art in a Garden, Flaxmere People Choice 2012
West Melton Annual Art Exhibition, Second Award 2013
Art2die4 Award Ashburton 2013
Supreme Watercolour NZ Art Award 2013
Finalist Salon International Art Award San Antonio, USA 2014
Finalist World Watercolour Competition, France 2014
Winner of Peter Yealands Wine People Choice Award 2014

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