Sunday, September 21, 2014

Zhiwei Tu 涂志伟

Zhiwei Tu 涂志伟

 Born in 1951 in northern Gunagdong Province in China, the son of peasant farmers, Zhiwei Tu is now living in America where he has been recognized with the highest honors and distinctions in the contemporary art world, including Master Signature Member of the prestigious Oil Painters of America.

He has a BA and MA from the Gunangzhou Institute of Fine Arts in China as well as MFA from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. A master of light and Romantic Impressionism, his lyrical compositions and exceptional execution have earned him the highest accolades. Numerous national and international awards include the Gold Medal at the World Cultural Convention in Algiers, the American National Award of Excellence and the President's Award of Oil Painters of America.

His work has been exhibited across America and around the world including China, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Algeria, Thailand, Canada, France and England.

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