Sunday, October 12, 2014

John Haag

John Haag

Born in 1980 into a family of rich artistic heritage, John Haag was surrounded by great art at an early age. His father, an accomplished oil painter in his own right, always had a studio in the home and some of John’s earliest memories are of watching his father painting and spending afternoons in galleries and museums.
Despite growing up amidst paint fumes and trips to galleries, Haag never tried his own hand at painting until after graduating from high school. "I never really felt any desire to draw or paint myself, but looking back I now realize that the process was fascinating to me and that I watched and listened intently form an early age.  Being immersed in that artistic process was the seed to my love of painting.”

His Art
Working extensively from life, Haag has chosen to follow in the footsteps of the great masters of the 19th century. By taking his canvas to the source itself, he powerfully captures the essence of his subjects. "I strive to capture the subtle beauty of that fleeting moment in my subjects. By stripping away the details and finding the raw essence I seek to create a simpler, truer form of what I see." By using a wide variety of surface textures and applications, Haag seeks to create a visual tapestry that transports the viewer into a space of beauty and intimacy.

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