Saturday, October 25, 2014

Leonard Radu

 Leonard Radu

Leonard Radu was born in Romania in the small town of Lugoj in 1972. There he spent his childhood under the Communist regime in a modest working-class family.
Because the father of Leonardo had a talent for painting his mother just wanted it to look like his father and become a painter, then his mother called him “Leonard” (like the famous painter “Leonardo Da Vinci “).

From a young age, people quickly realize his talent for visual arts and especially painting and drawing,  Leonard’s mother decided to enroll in a school of fine arts. Really, it is not interested in art because he thought it was normal that someone can draw or paint naturally, his biggest dream was to leave the communist regime and be a free man to discover the world .
At the age of fifteen he succeed to leave his country and will find home in the south of France in Corsica where he will accumulated jobs to live. Amazed by his Corsican landscapes it offers paint and exhibit in local galleries and then subsequently in different cities across France.
Being self-taught artist and have no notion of art, Leonard does not develop any particular style or technique of painting but it will paint whatever he pleases without worrying about the art world and in particular professional art who will try to push it to one style, but he refused and stop all exhibitions.
This is Thailand at the age of thirty years he decided to settle and continue painting.
Through the the internet he manages to sell his painting in the world and make many works on order in style and customer choice.

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