Sunday, October 26, 2014

Olga Sinclair

Olga Sinclair

Olga Sinclair, was born in Panama. Her first art lessons began with her father, painter Alfredo Sinclair. At the early age of fourteen she participated in a group exhibition with renowned Panamanian artists.  In 1976, she began her studies in the School of Applied Arts and Works in Madrid, and followed a three years training in classic designs (at Arjona Studios). In Amsterdam, she studied the Great Dutch Masters of the XVIII Century.  At age eighteen she held her first individual exhibition in Panama.

In 1979, she joined Santa Maria la Antigua University, in Panama, and obtained her grade in Interior Design. In 1982, she follows engraving courses with Maestro Giangrandi. She returns to Europe in 1985; in London, she resumes her studies, she works, presents an exhibition and had her first encounter with Francis Bacon’s works at Tate Gallery.

The Mexican historian and art critic, José Manuel Springer pointed out that — “At thirty years old Olga Sinclair, crosses the line that separates the good artist from the Master”, and states: “She has walked different roads that have taken her from figures to abstraction, returned to the figure with historic character and back to experimentation with pictorial space. She has a formalistic part of European character, more focused towards plastic experimentation and art concept. She synthesizes both moments”

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