Sunday, October 26, 2014

Rick Berry

Rick Berry

 Berry’s expressionistic figurative art is exhibited in top venues such as Italy’s Lucca Museum of Contemporary Art and galleries in NYC, Boston, and San Francisco. His paintings are in private collections worldwide, including those of Stephen King, Neil Gaiman and George R.R. Martin. Two books of his paintings are Sparrow and Double Memory.  Up from the streets, Berry’s work blends contemporary graphic sensibilities, futuristic vision and classic anatomy; simultaneously invoking movement and emotion. 

His art in various media appears on countless books and comics, including novels by Neil Gaiman, George R.R. Martin, and Stephen King. Berry is credited with creating the world’s first digitally painted book cover in 1984 for William Gibson’s Neuromancer; and the award winning 3D computer generated climax scene in the feature film: Johnny Mnemonic. (Berry also “body doubled” for actor Keanu Reeves in cyberspace.) Rick Berry has collaborated with Amanda Palmer on several occasions and his art was featured in her kickstarter campaign famously funded for over a million dollars. His paintings for her production of the hit musical, Cabaret, won a Silver award at the NYC Society of Illustrators, one of many awards received during his career. His art is featured in major historical anthologies of contemporary illustration, and frequently selected for art annuals. Commissioned by Tufts Institute of Global Leadership, Berry created multiple solo exhibitions exploring urgent issues of political concern. A popular lecturer at colleges and art conventions, he has also produced and participated in several collaborative live oil painting events in New York and Italy.

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