Saturday, December 5, 2015

Suzy Pal Powell

Suzy Pal Powell 

 Suzy Pal Powell ; "I have been painting in watercolor since about 1990.  Along with the watercolors, I do lots of drawing, sketching, collages and now I have started doing oil paintings. I love bright colors, and western art is my favorite subject, even though I don't do a lot of it. Watercolor is my favorite medium but the torn paper collages run a close race!
I started doing the torn paper in 2010 and have really enjoyed them.  Some have been licensed, and sold at Kohls, and Home Goods Stores.

I am a signature member of Southwestern Watercolor Society SWS, Wyoming Watercolor Society WyWS, and Artists of Texas  AOT. 

I also teach monthly lessons as well as workshops. Along with Commissions.
I never had art in school, and started out on my own basically but have gotten to take some workshops along the way. They are great but it all boils down to hours and hours of practice, ruined paintings and paper!
I have been selected to be in two North Light 'Incite' books. The 2nd will be out in Sept. 2015.  I have also been in Chris Unwins 'Artistic Touch' books.
I love to teach and share what God has blessed me with, and my philosophy is : 'It is just paint and paper, Not a matter of Life or death, so enjoy the process

You can find my work on"

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